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Monday, February 2, 2009

We like sailboats too!

These pics came from 9 year old Sarah Dempsey.  Awesome design Sarah, keep up the good work!

Sarah says:
"here is my design. i am 9 years old. i like sailboats so i desided to make a sailboat!"

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Amsterdam Special

Looks like Mozaikits have crossed the pond! Floor from Amsterdam spruced up her otherwise... ahem... "pedestrian" automobile with some Mozaikit tiles. Goed verk Floor!

Chillin, in Pink n Blue

Our old pal John from Vintage Vantage loves Mozaikits. He can't stop covering his apartment in them. We think he has a problem. (although he's clearly a Lionel Ritchie lover, so things can't be all that bad).

This is a cool design though-- looks very Space Invaders for reason.

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Sailing, Takes Me Away

Chuck's 30 year old Minifish was looking a little shabby, so we gave it a new Mozaikit paintjob. Then we proceeded to sail 2km out into the bay, only to realize we didn't really know how to sail against the wind. Lucky for us, the bay's only 3 feet deep. That's right, we walked it back in (but looked very cool doing it).

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Man we love our customers

One of our favorite stores, Hobbs in Lawrence, Kansas, decided to use some of the Mozaikits we sent them to spruce up their shop window. (we'd love to see them cover that creepy mannequin guy in the window too)


Here's a nice little solution for bringing an overly scratched iPod back to life...

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Monday, June 11, 2007

But How Do They Sound?

This is one of the most creative uses we've seen-- the fade pattern is super neat. Now hurry up and finish the other one! And while you're at it, send us that bitchin' yarn landscape you've got there.

one more thing: what's that bottle of hand lotion doing on the floor?

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Cinder Blocks Aren't That Nice Looking

Cider Blocks covered in Møzaikit tiles, on the other hand, warm our hearts.
Somebody build a prison with these things...

(i think this is actually being used as an end table)

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Møzaik Bug

From The KeddieKid in SF: "My buddy dave popped his tire while parking outside my house, later that night my friend lulu and I decided that he needed racing stripes. If your car is going nowhere, it might as well be going nowhere fast." Damn straight.

PS: Man, that's the shabbiest New Beetle we've ever seen.

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...Nonetheless, It's Probably Not Legal

(We sincerely apologize if this contributes to the world's Unclaimed Dog Poop problem...That said, it looks pretty rad.) (Watch your step!)

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Toilet Humour

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Shalgø: A Magyar Miracle?

This morning, Shalgø received an urgent missive from a certain Dr. Havas Sághy Gábor of Budapést, Hungary, regarding the (until now unknown) history of our company and its namesake, Luis Shalgø. Apparently we're not only Hungarian, but we have our own Castle.

This is where it is:

In the interest of full disclosure, we reprint the following text directly from Dr. Gábor's email:

{EDITOR'S NOTE: The opening paragraph of this email is one of the most awesomest things we've ever read.}

"I shall warn you that the information hereby I am about to disclose is not confidential at all, but it could be shocking or change your whole life at a blink of the eye. You can still quit, but of course you may never understand why you wake up in the middle of the night shouting in a strange language and thinking of riding a horse without using a saddle, right away. So…?

Alright, I see the persistence and ferocious curiosity, here we go.
The name Salgótarján is rooted from two parts: Salgó and Tarján. Salgó refers to the castle nearby (see further), where ‘salgó’ itself derives from sajgó (ancient Hungarian: shining, bright-full, glorious). Where Tarján was the name of one of the conquering Hungarian tribes. This word has an origin from the ancient-turk vocabulary, it means (or rather meant): viceroy, prince or lord. I know it is a little disappointing not to be the king, but hey! It is not bad at all, starting at the stage of the 2nd most important person in the tribe.

What is the obvious conclusion? Give you a hint: Hungarians tend to visit half of Europe, and spread their seeds... all over the world. Which can drive us to the only and sole point: anyone named salgó (even if a legal person), or in this case SHALGØ , shall have something to do with Hungarians.

You see, I told you. Now keep living your life, pretending nothing has happened. And well, did it happen?!

Wait, there are actually more to see.
The following link drives you to a Hungarian history portal, whereas you may find several photos of the by now barely existing Salgó-castle (or Castle of Salgó), which was build in the 13th century, and from where the popularity of the name “Salgó” comes from. The castle was build in the peaceful and successful era of the Árpad Dynasty, which after an anarchy occurred and spread war and terror all over the territory. The castle was ruled by local warriors, Czech husitas, Hungarians from many sides of the governing power (King Mathias, Werbőczy a modern noble and of course the famous Szapolyai Family), Turks (1554-1593), eventually the Austro-Hungarian emperor took it over (in 1593). Took it over by such a nasty and unforgivable manner – like an elephant in the china shop – that they actually ruined most of the fortress. Good for you, one could say… but than one would have been executed or charged with high treason or a delinquency better to be shunt. So what remained you can see herein under.

Castle Shalgø!

Click Here to See More Photos of Castle Shalgø

As a result of the castle and the dwellers thereof, there are plenty of “salgó” living (or lived) in Hungary, among which you can meet with doctors, writers and even a rabbi. And the salgós keep living their life without knowing of their late ancestor: Shalgø Industries. "

So there you have it. And we thought we were Dutch.

Thank you, Dr. Gabor. Prepare the barebacked riders, we're off to reconquer Castle Shalgø!

(using vinyl and ductape, of course.)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Møzaik Laptop Covers

They're ready to go! These kits are made specially for Apple laptops--each kit comes with 5 tiles with the Apple logo already cut out, plus more than enough tiles to cover your (and a few friends') MacBooks.
Get 'em at

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's a Møzaik Møvie!

Here's a little movie showing how you can Mozaik your kitchen table....

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


If you like rolling on 2 wheels (Shalgø does), why not spruce up that shabby old helmet with some mozaik tiles?

This helmet was done with a Blü Møzaikit. We just cut the tiles up into smaller triangles (as seen below).

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Solving a Two Year Long Dilmma

From Brook in Denver: "[Mozaikit] answered a two year long dilemma I have had! I have a window in my house where my evaporative cooler (air conditioner) lives. In the winter, when it is not in use, the window is closed and you can see the ugly innards of the cooler. I’ve tried about 5 or six different methods of making it look nicer and this was the perfect solution. I placed the squares on the panes from the interior side and now it looks almost like a piece of art on the wall (rather than a 75 year old nasty window with a machine inside of it). I’m so excited about it that I brought the product insert to work to show my buddies (who are now convinced they need a Mosaikit too). My next plan is to use the rest of my box to embellish my cubical at work. "

Brook's Møzaik:

Brook's cubicle at work:

Thanks for the pics, Brook!

(What the devil is an evaporative cooler?)

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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Shalgø Goes to Brazil! Or is it Argentina?

Looks like one our 9000 wallets made it to Iguazu Falls.

Which is right about here:

Thanks to Luc for the pic! Apparently, right after this picture was taken, that girl standing in the foreground stole the wallet and jumped into the falls, never to be seen again.

UPDATE: That's not actually true.

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Monday, April 2, 2007

Brick Archway

Møzaikit tiles are good for making borders around things, like:
  • a bedroom
  • an archway
  • the Netherlands
(note: if you want to make a Møzaik border around an entire European country, please give us a few weeks notice to get all the tiles ready. PS: we think you should do Estonia.)

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We Also Make Wallets

Out of Ductape no less. Who knew!

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The ShalgøMobil

Before we officially got into the møzaik business, we were in the ductape business. From the looks of it, though, we've been møzaiking it all along.

This 1972 VW Squareback is covered with over 5,000 pieces of waste ductape that were left over from making our Famous Ductape Wallets. (Shalgø likes to recycle).

We were so happy with the Shalgømobil that we started a whole new product line to celebrate.
(Incidentally, this car is actually for sale, and it comes with a lifetime supply of free ductape wallets.)

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Cloudy sky

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tHis iS mY iPod

It was really scratched, so we gave it the tile treatment. (Yes, we have come to learn that you can møzaik pretty much anything.)

Note: normal Møzaikit tiles are a lot bigger, so unless you have a 5 foot tall iPod this won't work with a regular Møzaikit set. That being said, we could make one of these for you if you really wanted one...

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This Is Our (other) Car

Shalgømobil Number Twee (that's "two" in dutch)

(we seem to have a think for VW stationwagons, don't we?)

Oh, come to think of it: If you want us to Møzaik your car, send us an email! If you're local, we'd be happy to come over and do it for you. If you're not local, we'd be happy to have you buy us a plane ticket to come visit you and stay for a couple of weeks while we Møzaik your car. (you can also put us up in a fancy hotel, that's fine too.)

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Møzaik With Your Friends!

If you do, there's a good chance they'll buy you dinner and make you tea.

Almost done...

See! Free tea!

We even had enough tiles left over to fancy up the entertainment system.
(then we had sushi.)

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This Guy is Living in Our Hallway!

And apparently he speaks Dutch.

I know, it's not really a Møzaikit, but it IS a sneak preview of one of our new products. Stay tuned! (or email us if you want one right now.) His name is "That Guy," by the way. (On a totally tangential note, check out where the word "guy" comes from. It's kindof amazing.)


Wall Flowers

Who needs real plants? Vinyl flowers never need to be watered, and they never, ever die.

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This used to be a very dirty iBook

Now it looks-- well to be honest it's never looked better.
(Møzaikits are very good at making old things look new)

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This is where Shalgø sleeps

(speaking of which, i need to go to bed soon.)

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This is Nate's TV

Our friend Nate went out and spent $2500 on this TV, and we paid him back by covering it in vinyl tiles. Lucky for us, he liked it. Unlucky for us, he moved, which means we can't watch movies on his awesome Møzaik'd TV anymore.

(Bonus points for the first person to name the movie. Bonus points & a free Møzaikit for the first person to name the guy in the background in the white hat!)

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This is the Macbook that started it all.

Quite literally actually-- we made this in a hotel room the night before a trade show (note the simulated wood grain finish from the Travelodge desk). In addition to being the first thing we ever "officially" Møzaik'd, this laptop is also responsible for making this entire website. So we like it a lot.

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